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Top 10 Recipes For 2020!

Enjoy our Top Ten recipes from last year!

2020 is officially past and though it wasn’t the greatest year, This is How I Cook  cooked some pretty good food. 

See for yourself!

Let’s start at #10 on the top ten list. A perfectly wonderful whole roasted cauliflower with feta cheese that would be awesome for a main course or an awe inspiring side dish! Trying to start out the new year with some healthier dishes? Well, this qualifies!

Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Cheese in a Cast Iron Skillet on top ten

These Southern biscuit muffins from Paul Prudhomme are the real deal. These are so good, I think I’ll make them to go with my black eyed peas that I’m cooking today!

Better Than Bisquick Muffins

Homemade biscuits with molasses butter

Everyone needs an easy chicken dinner and this whole roasted chicken with lemons and dates is pretty awesome!

Chicken with Dates and Lemons

Easy Chicken Recipes For Dinner (One Pot chicken with dates and lemons)

Burgers always make this list and my Spanish pork burger with saffron garlic aioli certainly deserves its spot. Truly a showoff burger, make this as soon as you can!

Spanish Garlic Pork Burger

Spanish Garlic Pork Burgers with Saffron Aioli

Corn nuts aren’t an everyday snack, but they should be. Eat these while watching some of your favorite games or my favorite-Schitts Creek!

Corn Nuts

Chili Corn Nuts

I just posted these in November but these butter pecan cookies rose to the top ten real quick! Deservedly so!

Butter Pecan Cookies

Butter Pecan Cookies

This great salad is totally delish and perfect for all those diet resolutions I’ve been making. You will love it!

Chopped Kale Salad with Apples, Pecans, and  Maple Vinaigrette

Chopped Kale Salad

Another great appetizer in time for Chinese New Year! Of course, they are perfect for any occasion and who doesn’t love a handheld  savory curry pie?

Chicken Curry Puffs

Chicken Curry Puffs

Mardi Gras is upcoming and though I have a lot of  Cajun/Creole recipes there is nothing more right than the classic shrimp etouffee. Just make it.

Shrimp Etouffee

Shrimp Etouffee

Well, I’m sure glad something chocolate made the top ten list! This rich and simple to make chocolate cake is made with Hershey’s Syrup. Don’t miss it!

Hershey’s Chocolate Cake

Homemade Hershey's Chocolate Cake

And last but not least, yeah this is a bonus, but I published it on the next to the last day of 2019, and apparently there are lots of mezcal drinkers out there. This apple cider cocktail is phenomenal! Cheers to a great new year!

Harvest Ole Cocktail

Mescal and Apple Cider Cocktail

Every year is a surprise to me, but this top ten list is one of my favorites! Wish I could for see what 2021 will bring but  I have no doubt it will be good! Thanks for being such great readers. And if there is anything you’d like to see just shoot me an email  at  [email protected].

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Karen (Back Road Journal)

Thursday 7th of January 2021

I can see why the butter pecan cookies made it to the top so quickly.

Michelle | Sift & Simmer

Tuesday 5th of January 2021

What a great list of recipes! Glad I stumbled onto your site! It's beautiful! :)

John / Kitchen Riffs

Tuesday 5th of January 2021

Lotta wonderful grub here. I want it all! :-) Happy New Year!


Sunday 3rd of January 2021

I could print it all out and just make them all over and over again. Great things you've shown in 2020. I wish you post more and more in 2021. but most of all I wish you health and happiness !

Lea Ann (Cooking On The Ranch)

Saturday 2nd of January 2021

They all look good and a couple have gone straight to my "must make soon" list. Happy New Year Abbe, hope to be able to see you soon.