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Szechuan Tofu Recipe with Mapo Sauce (Make IT!)

Imagine a Szechuan tofu recipe with Mapo Sauce! This silky tofu dip is covered with a spicy Szechuan, Mapo-style tofu sauce and is perfect for dipping. If you love spicy food the way I do prepare your tastebuds to tingle. Asian recipes, in this case a take on Mapo tofu, was one I just had …

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Savory Bialy Hamentaschen with Onions

Need some everything bagel seasoning recipe ideas? This post has over 20 ways to use this delicious seasoning and these savory bialy hamentaschen are one! With Purim in full swing, I thought it might be nice to try a savory everything bagel hamentaschen and add it to my list of everything bagel seasoning recipe ideas. …

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Olive Biscuits Scourtins

Looking for recipes with olives? These olive scourtins or sweet and salty shortbreads studded with olives, are perfect to enjoy with wine and cheese! As a kid I hated olives, particularly olive appetizers. But yes, I do love posting recipes with olives! Remember these recipes with olives? Those dough wrapped things from the 70’s? Or …

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