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Cilantro Chimichurri Sauce Recipe

If you haven’t made this cilantro chimichurri sauce recipe then you are missing out on the best sauce and marinade of summer!     What is chimichurri sauce? An authentic chimichurri sauce is an uncooked sauce composed of fresh parsley, fresh garlic, olive oil, red wine vinegar and oregano. It can be found in a …

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Pickled Red Onions Recipe/ Taco Toppings

This pickled red onions recipe makes everything taste amazing. As does this avocado sauce and grilled cabbage, all of which are perfect taco toppings! Pickled red onions are amazing on just about anything, but put them on tacos and oh man…you’ve hit on what makes them so addictive. This simple ingredient puts tacos so above …

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Salsa Macha with Cranberries and Pecans

Salsa macha is a Mexican condiment. Though it is a salsa, this chili oil is intended for drizzling-not dipping with tortilla chips.  I must say I think this was the best recipe to come out of our Thanksgiving this year! Similar, but with different flavors this could be compared to a chili crunch or an …

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