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Homemade Cherry Pie Recipe with Frozen Cherries

February is when I make this Homemade Cherry Pie Recipe with Frozen Cherries. As a child, my mom used to bake a store bought pie in honor of George Washington. I think she thought it was the perfect holiday to bake a pie. As kids, we certainly didn’t disagree! Feburary is when I search the …

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Salted Butterscotch Chocolate Tart

This rich chocolate tart with a butterscotch topping can be made with many types of crust. Shortbread! Oreos! Coconut! Perfect for Passover! Perfect for Easter. Perfect for any occasion!   Like really…it’s kind of sad that this chocolate tart with an over layer of decadent butterscotch has disappeared. It’s a good thing though as a …

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Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This dairy-free pumpkin pie recipe is a great change from the traditional version. Made with chewy oats in the filling, makes this pie something different! Most pumpkin pie recipes contain milk, but this dairy-free pumpkin pie recipe has no milk of any kind. Still creamy and full of spice, this pumpkin pie is not traditional. …

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