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Cheesy Spinach Casserole Recipe

This quick and delish spinach casserole recipe is made with Boursin cheese, which gives this easy spinach dish lots of pizazz! Call me a rebel, but this year I’m making a cheesy spinach casserole recipe. Forget the green bean casserole, this frozen spinach cheesy casserole can be made ahead. Nope, no fresh spinach in this …

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Cook A Passover Zucchini Kugel Recipe

A wonderful side dish, this parve, zucchini kugel recipe, with fine egg noodles can be made with Passover noodles, too. Adding a touch of Worcestershire and mustard, plus a hint of sweetness from apricot jam, makes it perfect for any Jewish holiday! With Rosh Hashanah quickly approaching I figured it’s time to try a new …

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Stuffed Mexican Peppers with Cheese and Corn

Stuffed Mexican peppers with cheese and corn are perfect as a side dish or a main course. Rich and flavorful, these poblanos will soon become a family favorite. Everyone requests them. I just ate the last of the stuffed Mexican peppers that I made when Alex was home. These are so good I can’t believe …

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