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Cheesy Spinach Casserole Recipe

This quick and delish spinach casserole recipe is made with Boursin cheese, which gives this easy spinach dish lots of pizazz! Call me a rebel, but this year I’m making a cheesy spinach casserole recipe. Forget the green bean casserole, this frozen spinach cheesy casserole can be made ahead. Nope, no fresh spinach in this …

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Breakfast Burritos (Make Ahead and Freeze)

Breakfast burritos are one of my go-to freezer meals. I’ve been making these for years and though my kids are no longer wee ones, they still happily grab these from the freezer.    Tonight I am making breakfast burritos. Yeah, I know it is dinner time but we often eat breakfast for dinner.  At least …

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Pickled Red Onions Recipe/ Taco Toppings

This pickled red onions recipe makes everything taste amazing. As does this avocado sauce and grilled cabbage, all of which are perfect taco toppings! Pickled red onions are amazing on just about anything, but put them on tacos and oh man…you’ve hit on what makes them so addictive. This simple ingredient puts tacos so above …

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