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Asian recipes are a favorite of mine. With a son who lives in Asia, I’m always on the lookout for fun  and tasty dishes to make when he arrives home. Spicy food is always a hit in our home. Vietnamese food is on our table weekly as are Chinese dishes. Sprinkle in some Japanese food and Thai cuisine and I am one happy camper. Check out my variety of Asian dishes and remember, I’m always adding more!

Asian Garlic Noodles in Butter!

Asian garlic noodles are apparently a thing on the West Coast. Kind of like aglio olio, except with some added ingredients like fish sauce, oyster sauce and soy sauce. They are a great change from they typical Italian version and are still loaded with garlic! Last year, on the extended family vacation in Newport Beach, …

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Asian Ramen Noodle Salad (Chinese Coleslaw)

This super good, super fast to make Asian ramen noodle salad, Chinese coleslaw, is perfect for a potluck, great for lunch, and you can’t go wrong for dinner either. You just may want to add some chicken or other protein! So good and it stays crunchy for a few days even with dressing! This Asian …

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Szechuan Tofu Recipe with Mapo Sauce (Make IT!)

Imagine a Szechuan tofu recipe with Mapo Sauce! This silky tofu dip is covered with a spicy Szechuan, Mapo-style tofu sauce and is perfect for dipping. If you love spicy food the way I do prepare your tastebuds to tingle. Asian recipes, in this case a take on Mapo tofu, was one I just had …

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Shrimp Burger Recipe (Asian Style)

This  Shrimp burger recipe is my new best friend. Originally spotted on the NYTimes website, I seasoned these up, added a great Vietnamese style sauce, a slice of grilled pineapple, and Manservant came running. This Asian-style shrimp burger recipe with Asian shrimp burger sauce is delish and perfect for grilling season.  Easy to make in …

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Baked Egg Custard Recipe (Chinese Style)

A very simple baked egg custard recipe, that can be made into Chinese egg tarts or just made in custard cups, is easy and delicious-with or without the crust! This traditional Chinese dessert, beloved by Manservant, is actually an old fashioned recipe for baked egg custard. Don’t know what egg custard is? Egg custard generally …

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