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Sicilian Braised Chicken Recipe with Salami

This mouthwatering braised chicken; braised in a tomato wine sauce with lots of garlic, salami and olives, qualifies for the chicken of the month club! So good! Just last week I made this braised chicken recipe for company and everyone loved it…including myself. Full of flavor from salami and chile tangerine green olives, this chicken …

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Chicken Parmesan Pizza Style (A New Favorite)

Chicken Parmesan pizza style is a giant golden fried chicken patty topped with tomato sauce and cheese. Drizzled with spicy hot honey this version of chicken parm will have you wishing you made more.   Chicken Parmesan Pizza Style  has been on my brain lately. Apparently Cheesecake Factory’s chicken Parmesan pizza style is quite popular. …

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Giardiniera Recipe (Chicago Style)

I love this simple giardiniera recipe! This Chicago style, Italian vegetable relish is a great accompaniment to most everything! Thank goodness for this simple giardiniera recipe! With a garden that was prolific in the jalapeno area, I needed something besides pickled jalapenos in my fridge! Salsa is great, but the world does not live on …

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