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Top Ten Christmas Cookies Recipes

It’s hard to come up with my Top Ten Christmas Cookies Recipes because I love cookies- a lot! I couldn’t stop at 10, so there are many more in this post and all of them are great!

Well, it’s the holiday season-which immediately has me humming THAT song.

I will have it in my head all day!

This time of year is filled with cookie dough and though I don’t participate in a cookie exchange anymore, I do gift my neighbors lots and lots of holiday cookies!

Not because I love my neighbors-though I do-but because I love baking delicious cookies.

What are your faves?

I often received cookies that were not necessarily cookies I loved, at many of these exchanges.

My advice: Make the cookies you love and even though that cookie might not be defined as a Christmas cookie, it is much better eaten, then left on the tray!

Or heaven forbid-thrown away the next day because no one wanted it.

Yes, the best Christmas cookies are the good old stand-bys.

The trusted and true.

top ten christmas cookies recipes

Just like good friends who don’t desert you, my favorite Christmas cookies are those you remember and desire year after year.

Now keep in mind, I’m not telling you not to try a new cookie recipe, because that is how new traditions are made.

But stick with the classics, because they are the happy in happy holidays!

My most popular Christmas cookie recipes are those I’ve made year after year.

When the kids come home they are always the ones I make.

They are not necessarily festive cookies.

Year after year I make these better than Reese’s peanut butter bars. No baking required.

chocolate peanut butter bars

​I always make this mocha macadamia bark, sometime switching out the macadamias for pecans.

Though we don’t celebrate Christmas, I thought I’d share some of my favorite cookies-Christmas cookies, or not!

And as I wrote the above sentence, I am reminded that we actually did celebrate on Christmas, because it was my Dad’s birthday!

mocha chocolate bark

Top 10 Christmas Cookies Recipes

I love shortbread cookies of all kinds.

This cranberry Pistachio is one of my faves and not just because I think it is pretty. 

cranberry pistachio shortbread

But if you love shortbread I also adore my shortbread nuggets for gifting and my chocolate world peace cookies which are basically a chocolate shortbread cookie.

Then there are maple shortbreads, too!

I know peanut butter blossoms are always on everyone’s list, but I prefer the peanut butter bars above,

AND these chocolate peanut butter cookies have always been my faves.

peanut butter chocolate chip

I love to bake cookies but I don’t necessarily always bake decorative cookies, because  pretty cookies sometimes look pretty, but don’t always taste the way I love my cookies!

My ginger molasses cookies are not gingerbread men, but they are chewy and soft, and certainly not crisp and light on the ginger.

molasses ginger cookies

More Top Ten Christmas Cookies Recipes:

If I want crisp I go to spritz cookies and if I want to decorate I bake cut-out cookies using a shortbread recipe.

They are easy to cut out with cookie cutters and once I have a tray full, I set them outside in the cold to chill before baking.

I always frost them with royal icing then dunk them in plenty of colored sugar after they are baked.

Shotbread Cookies for Decorating

Everyone loves oatmeal raisin cookies and I have several, but these with the chewy center are a winner on my cookie plate.

Chocolate crinkle cookies? You betcha and I just revised that recipe last week.

Christmas sugar cookies? I have two. One is thick, and soft and frosted and the other is a chewy sugar cookie, perfect for sprinkles. 

chewy sugar cookies

These are not the roll-out decorating kind.

These are the good kind!

top ten christmas cookies recipes iced sugar cookies lofthouse cookies

Last year I made mint Christmas trees.They looked beautiful on my holiday cookie tray and everyone fought over them!

Though I usually serve coconut macaroons for Passover, they are a beloved cookie any time of year and often pop up in someone’s list of best Christmas cookies recipes.

Mexican wedding cookies, that go by so many names, are always a winner.

top ten christmas cookies recipes mexican wedding cookies

And don’t forget the classic chocolate chip cookies of which I have many to choose from.

Chocolate lovers love this double chocolate thick Levain style cookie as do I.

My Jewish friends love black and white cookies and my non-Jewish friends do too!

black and white cookies recipe

They are cake-like cookies, as this Texas sheet cake cookie, and both are easy cookie recipes that are made for a cookie lover.

And those who love frosting!

Not to mention both are my personal faves.

Cookie baking is therapy to me and chewy cookies are my faves. 

​There is nothing I love better than a cold, snowy day where I can stay home and make the perfect holiday cookie.

My father would have looked at this list and would have seen 20 pounds, but all I see are some of the best Christmas cookie recipes ever!

There isn’t much left to say except there are still a lot more cookies here at TIHIC, but these are some of my favorites for this Christmas season!

And yes, this is way more than my top 10 Christmas cookies recipes, but I’ve never been one hat can make up my mind when it comes to cookies!

I’d love to hear your favorites because I’m always adding to my cookie platters.

Manservant says I bake way too much and on this he is right.

What can I say except:

Happy Baking to all and to all a good night!

And whatever you do, don’t forget the fudge!

cocoa fudge

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Some of My Favorite Baking Tools Especially When Making My Top Ten Christmas Cookies Recipes!

Insulated baking sheets are what I always use for my cookies.

Cookie scoops make perfect cookies. These should do it.

I prefer a metal spatula when transferring cookies to a wire rack.

This is my preferred rubber spatula scraper.

This is one of the best hand mixers for 2023, according to Food and Wine magazine.

Need Cookie Gifting Boxes? This is a nice set.

Want sprinkles? There are so many to choose from but I like these and these!


Karen (Back Road Journal)

Monday 11th of December 2023

It is definitely that time of the year when baking cookies takes center stage and you have a good list.