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(Should be Famous) Cocoa Microwave Fudge

Should be famous cocoa microwave fudge may very well be famous, but I hadn’t heard of it until now. This simple, made in the microwave, cocoa and powdered sugar fudge is truly incredible!


Microwave fudge, anyone? Who would have thought?

This simply amazing cocoa and powdered sugar fudge recipe is a huge favorite of mine.

Let it be said that though I do love chocolate truffles and champagne, I adore chocolate cocoa microwave fudge.

And after finding this recipe, I’m afraid I might begin to adore this easy homemade fudge a little bit too much.

My love affair began during the Christmas holidays, which is the time I’m looking for gifts for the neighbors.

As a child I recall making marshmallow fluff fudge to give away.

Standing at the stove, while constantly stirring, remains in my head. It was so worth it.

But somehow I never had amazing success with that recipe in Colorado.

I’m guessing it has to do with the fact that our boiling point is lower here, which throws the whole 5 minute fudge thing out of whack.

I briefly tried a recipe called perfect fudge when I decided I’d master the candy thermometer. It was perfect…when it turned out!

And then I started trying a variety of condensed milk recipes for fudge, but they never seemed to have the taste that I recalled.

Cocoa Microwave Fudge

I’ve eaten a bit of fudge in my day.

Christmas might seem like the fudgely time but vacations always found us scoring fudge too. Think about it. Every boardwalk and mountain town always has a store that makes fudge.

Just thinking of those glass cabinet fronts lined with every possible variety of fudge always makes me drool.

And the aroma that comes out of those usually wood framed doors with big brass door knobs is pure heaven, if you are a chocolate lover like me. 

So whether fudge is to Christmas or to vacations, I don’t really care.

The point is that this microwave fudge is for anytime and this year I am choosing Valentine’s Day to be that time.

I just couldn’t hold back. I’ve had these photos since Christmas and this easy fudge recipe.

In fact, this recipe has probably been out there for at least as long as microwaves have been commonplace in one’s kitchen. But somehow I didn’t get the memo.

This is fudge to be reckoned with and it is so damn simple to make that it deserves your attention. I hope I got it!

This cocoa fudge could be called Hershey’s cocoa fudge, or it could be called easy fudge, but honestly?

I just call this “should be famous cocoa fudge”…because really it should be!

cocoa fudge

How to Make Cocoa Microwave Fudge:

Line a 13 x 9″ pan or a 15 x 10″ pan with aluminum foil.

Get out a sifter or micromesh strainer because you don’t want your cocoa or powdered sugar to be lumpy.

If you have a sifter use it or press the cocoa and powdered sugar directly into a large microwaveable bowl.

Stir well.

Pour milk in a circle directly over the cocoa and sugar. DO NOT STIR.

Cut butter into small cubes and place all over on top of the powdered sugar cocoa milk mixture.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and heat in microwave on high for about 3 – 4 minutes. You want to totally melt the butter.

If it is not quite melted, add another 30 seconds or so each time until it is.

Once the butter is melted, using a wooden spoon, stir this fudgerecipe with cocoa powder, until the mixture is shiny.

Now add the toasted walnuts if using and the vanilla extract.

Stir again and pour into your choice of pan. Spread evenly and chill until firm.

However, I always serve this cocoa fudge at room temperature.

It tastes so much better that way.


Why this cocoa microwave fudge recipe?

Perhaps it was the ingredients that caught my attention. I’d never heard of powdered sugar in fudge.

And regular milk? Nope. Usually fudge calls for condensed milk or evaporated milk, but thanks to this recipe all of the ingredients were on hand in my pantry when I spontaneously decided I needed more gifts.

Plus, I was able to double the recipe easily, which made an enormous pan of chocolate cocoa fudge.

Yes, I must admit that if the cocoa microwave fudge didn’t turn out, I knew I’d have to throw a lot away, but I’m a bit courageous in the kitchen when trying something new.

So Valentine’s Day easy homemade fudge anyone?

Much easier than making truffles, no special trips to the grocery required, and if you are like me you have a leftover unopened bottle of champagne from New Year’s that should be drunk.

I’m totally down with this.

Champagne and this soon to be famous cocoa microwave fudge?

I think I’ll leave the recipe out for Manservant to find!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. And to all a Good Night!


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(Should be Famous) Cocoa Fudge

5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star 5 from 7 reviews
  • Author: Abbe Odenwalder
  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 Minutes
  • Total Time: 20 - 25 Minutes
  • Yield: 1 15 x 10 pan or 1 13 x 9 1x
  • Category: Candy
  • Method: Microwave
  • Cuisine: American


Should be famous cocoa fudge is simple to make in the microwave. Cocoa, powdered sugar and butter makes this fudge taste like old fashioned fudge!


Units Scale

32 oz bag of powdered sugar

1 c cocoa

2 sticks of salted butter or 16 T at room temperature

1/2 c milk

1 1/2 c chopped toasted walnuts

2 T vanilla


Line a 15 x 10 baking sheet  or a 13 x 9″ if you want thicker fudge, with foil, leaving enough hanging off the edges so you can remove the fudge easily from the pan.

In a large microwaveable bowl combine powdered sugar and cocoa. Stir until all major lumps dissolve or to be on the safe side you could sift this. SInce I do not own a sifter, I use a mesh strainer which does the job! If you have found you still have lumps after removal from the microwave, I have found that an immersion blender works really well to break them up. Therefore sifting is the best thing if you want to avoid lumps.

Pour milk over sugar mixture but DO NOT STIR!

Cut the butter into cubes by slicing the butter in half lengthwise. Turn it on its side and slice again. Now slice the butter as you normally would and you should end up with 4 cubes to a slice. Place the butter cubes on top of the milk.

Now microwave on high for three to five minutes or until the butter has melted entirely. Make sure to lightly cover your bowl with plastic wrap or a paper towel in case you have a splattering accident! Check at three minutes for melting and then add a minute. Check again. Add another 30 seconds to a minute. Just get that butter melted.

Now stir well and incorporate all that sugar with all that butter. Mixture should become shiny. Now add vanilla and nuts and stir again. Spread in pan and chill until cool.

Damn! How easy is that?


If you prefer thicker fudge use a 13 x 9 pan.


Recipe rating 5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star


Monday 29th of January 2024

Thank you for sharing this recipe. I couldn't believe how fast and easy this was to make. As I am alone I made 1/2 the recipe. I will have to freeze some so I don't over indulge. It was so easy and tastes like just like the cocoa fudge I remember making years ago by stirring the pot for what seemed like hours to reach the right temperature stage. (This was before the marshmallow fluff and the scm versions which are good also.) Your version has the taste of the old fashioned fudge I love. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.


Wednesday 31st of January 2024

So glad you discovered it Maggie! It reminds me of old-fashioned fudge, too!


Sunday 18th of December 2022

This recipe looks easy ! And the fudge looks delicious. Can I add chocolate chips and raisins? I am afraid the chocolate chips may start melting in the sugar butter mixture and change the consistency?


Sunday 18th of December 2022

I think you are right about the chocolate chips! But nuts or raisins would be awsome!

Rita Kerr

Friday 16th of December 2022

How long does it take to harden?


Friday 16th of December 2022

Hi Rita, It hardens pretty fast! It has been awhile since I've made it, but I would say within a few hours.


Monday 13th of June 2022

I found this recipe in a Microwave Cookery book years and years ago, lol! I loved it and been looking for it recently. Thanks, truly the single best fudge.


Monday 13th of June 2022

Thanks Carla! Now I know where it came from! Truly can't believe how good it is whenever I make it!


Wednesday 20th of February 2019

Your fudge looks to addictive! I like both the texture and the presence of chocolate and also walnuts. I tried making fudge several times but it never worked... I think I didn't add enough sugar (I always cut down the sugar content by half because I am not used to very sweet food). Yours looks perfect!

Abbe Odenwalder

Wednesday 20th of February 2019

Thanks Sissi! I must say though that fudge is supposed to be sweet and if you cut down on the sugar the consistency will not work. This is a forgiving recipe though, and if you tried cooking the sugar I can guess that your ratios were probably off. I love nuts in fudge and hope you give this a try! Tastes like old fashioned fudge but made a modern way!