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Easy Mexican Recipes

Everyone needs some easy Mexican recipes! With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, and whether you celebrate or not, a Mexican fiesta is always welcome at our dinner table!

Easy Mexican recipes are on the menu today. You might be surprised to find a variety of foods that aren’t tacos or enchiladas. Though I love them, I also love grilled food and since May is when grilling season begins for me in Denver, I decided to center this menu around Mexican grilled pork. If you have ever walked into a Mexican carniceria market you will find a huge variety of thinly sliced meats meant to be grilled or quickly cooked in a skillet on the stove.

Carnicerias carry a huge variety of organ meats and possibly goat or lamb. Often carnicerias cook their own specialties, meant for take out. Barbacoa, birria, and al pastor aren’t uncommon and usually the proper accompaniments are also available such as fresh tortillas, salsas and other toppings. So if you are short on time, venture into one of these fun markets and try something new.

We eat a lot of Mexican food here at This is How I Cook. Manservant is from Texas and grew up on tacos and enchiladas and tamales. I, on the other hand did not experience Mexican food until I moved to Arizona to attend college. Since then there is no going back. Mexican food is easy to cook and everyone should have a few easy Mexican recipes up their sleeve. Check out some of my faves, from breakfast to dessert. Let me know your faves for future posts!

I’m off to my brother’s wedding and then heading to the Grand Canyon for just a day. Alex decided he needed to see it and when I went to book a room, found everything sold out! Well, he’ll at least be able to say he’s seen it, even though we’ll only have one quick day. Yep, this could be us!

Now let’s get to some easy Mexican recipes, shall we?

I’d start with some great guacamole. This pineapple guac with chipotle and tequila gets things off to a great start!

A great guacamole with dried pineapple, chipotle and tequila. Jazz up your avocados. You will love this new twist! #guacamole #dips #appetizers #MexicanFood

Fire grilled Tomato Salsa is to die for. And since you already have the grill going,

I recommend giving it a try.

Fire Roasted Salsa

Everyone needs a quesadilla and my party quesadilla crisps are extremely popular.

Quesadilla Crisps

Now the meat! I love this Mexican grilled pork. Easy peasy and perfect for tacos, too!

Mexican grilled pork, avocado cream, pickled onions

Serve this with rustic Ancho potatoes, a super easy Mexican recipe.

These rustic Mexican Scalloped Potatoes, Papas Anchos, are filled with cheese and crushed ancho chilies. Great with any grilled foods including burgers, these also are perfect with roast chicken! #potatoes #mexicanfood #chilies

Add some corn in a cup, because well, it’s corn! And it’s incredibly good and so easy to make.

This super simple recipe using canned corn and parmesan cheese is so good. Flavored with chile and lemon you will find yourself making this over and over again! #corn #Mexicanrecipes #chile

Dessert? There is nothing like tres leches cake. One of the simplest cakes to make as long as you are able to poke lots of holes. I know you can do that, right?

Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

Coconut Rum Tres Leches Cake

This pina colada tres leches cake is to die for! Plus it is easy to make! And it is to die for....I know I said that already! #treslechescake #cake #Mexicanfood #dessert #pinacolada

In case you want to celebrate all day, start off with this Mexican breakfast casserole that you put in the fridge the night before.

This overnight Mexican egg casserole is filled with green chilies, chorizos and cheese all on a bed of hash browns. Topped with beaten eggs and cream and refrigerated overnight, all this need is to be baked the next morning. And maybe some salsa, of course! #eggcasserole #brunch #Mexicanfood

Or eat these waffles. OMG! These churro style waffles really are amazing!

Churro Chorizo Waffles

Oh! I almost forgot Margarita. Life just wouldn’t be the same without her.

Orange Bitters Margarita The Best Margarita

Want to see more Mexican recipes? Just click under recipes at the top of the page and you will see a tab for Mexican recipes. Like duh?! There are so many good ones, I just couldn’t fit them all here. Remember these are easy Mexican recipes, so you have time to party! Well, if you are so inclined!

Want a few more? Check out this easy Spanish rice from my friend Tricia at Saving Room for Dessert. Want beans? Manservant always wants beans! Here’s a refried bean slow cooker recipe from Karen of The Food Charlatan.

Don’t forget to click under Recipes at the top of the page to find more great Mexican recipe ideas!

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Easy Mexican Recipes





Sunday 5th of May 2019

Have a great time, Abbe, and I hope you get to look at the Grand Canyon a little longer than the Griswolds - LOL. It is a spectacular place and the weather should be good on the South Rim when you visit. We did several day trips there when our girls were little. We love Mexican and Southwestern food here too and love your round up of recipes!

Lea Ann (Cooking On The Ranch)

Saturday 4th of May 2019

Great lineup to celebrate some South of the Border flavors. Enjoy your trip. And lol - I had forgotten about that Vacation Grand Canyon scene. Too funny.


Thursday 2nd of May 2019

this all looks so delicious abbe. Yum to tex-mex food. How wonderful to see the grand canyon. have fun. cheers sherry


Thursday 2nd of May 2019

Great collection of delicious Mexican recipes, Abbe!! I'll definitely be trying out a few of these... Those party quesadilla crisps look just dreamy!! :)

Tricia @ Saving Room for Dessert

Thursday 2nd of May 2019

Fantastic roundup Abbe! I see so many recipes I want to try. Pinned!