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Top 10 2023 Recipes

It’s time to reveal my top 10 2023 recipes. Frankly, I am always a bit surprised at what recipes were most popular over the last year. These new recipes were posted within the last year-not updates on old recipes. From appetizers to dessert, and in between, these ten recipes attracted a lot of attention!

Top 10 2023 Recipes

In the #1 position is my very simple recipe for a Boursin cheese appetizer.

This recipe is one reason I always have a round of Boursin cheese in the fridge. Perfect when last minute friends drop by.

Basically 3 ingredients and you have a very good recipe!

But this post also gives you many other simple ideas on how to use Boursin cheese.

2023 Recipes for Boursin Cheese Recipe Appetizers

So did George Washington chop down the cherry tree or not? Doesn’t matter, this classic cherry pie is #2!

If you love sour cherries and pie, you need to try this ultra-simple recipe.

I love this basic pie with an uncooked filling, that is tart but sweet, and has me on alert every year at the farmer’s market for sour cherries!

2023 Recipes for cherry pie recipe with frozen cherries on white plate

Who doesn’t love #3 Spaghetti Bolognese?

This is one of Giada’s recipe and it is pure comfort.

More like a ragu and simple to make, this bolognese is perfect or wide noodles or spaghetti. And especially on a chilly night!

2023 recipes Giada's Bolognese Sauce Recipe over pasta on white plate with fork

Mom’s recipe for how to make a boneless rib roast is in position #4. 

As a child we ate meat 5 imes a week because my grandfather had a meat market in his small grocery store.

This boneless rib roast was my favorite, as long as I had the end piece! 

Please serve it with Mom’s baked rice!

Best 2023 Recipes how to cook a boneless rib roast

Chicken Piccata #5 One of my favorite ways to make chicken, because who can resist a lemon white wine sauce and capers?

Not I! Made on top of the stove, this easy chicken recipe can even be made with chicken tenders.

chicken piccata with the best side dishes

When you are thinking take-out, you really should think this # 6 Thai garlic black pepper chicken?

No need to go out! And way better than take-out. Plus it is healthier and saves time!

Thai garlic pepper chicken recipe

And though I just published this, Gadi’s potatoes and onions recipe is #7.

I made them again this morning for Alex.

He now knows Gadi’s story and will put it on repeat until Gadi arrives home.

These savory potatoes with soft onions are totally luscious.

potatoes and onions recipe

Cornbread Stovetop Stuffing came in solid at #8.

I don’t know why, but my stuffing recipes always do well.

Perhaps because stuffing is so, so good!

stovetop cornbread stuffing recipe in white oval casserole dish

I’m so glad this oatmeal raisin walnut cookie made #9.

This dainty oatmeal cookie studded with raisins and walnuts is so worth stuffing in your mouth!

I’m the original cookie monster, so trust me on this!

oatmeal raisin walnut cookie recipe

Chinese Chili Garlic Sauce.

Frankly if you love chili garlic sauce I know you will think this is #1.

This stuff is awesome.

Keep it in the pantry and I promise you will be drizzling this on everything!

Chinese Chili garlic sauce recipe with chili flakes, spoon, bay leaf, chili oil

2023 Recipes plus two more?

Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake was King Arthur’s favorite recipe of 2022.

It made it to #11 here at TIHIC.

Frankly, I would eat it every morning or evening!

cinnamon coffee cake square without sour cream

And my favorite? #12

Better than fast food?

This fried chicken sandwich is amazing.

Especially drizzled with the above Chili Garlic sauce!

Best Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipe

I love looking at the end of the year top recipes.

It gives me so many ideas for this year.

What were your top 2023 recipes?

Even if they didn’t come from TIHIC, I’d still love to know.

Please share.

Here are a few of the NYT recipes of the year!

Please let me know what you want more of and thanks so much for reading!

Happy New Year!