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8 Great Christmas Cake Ideas For The Best Holiday Season

Need Some Christmas Cake Ideas for the Best Holiday Season ever? Here are some of my faves!

Though I’ve been baking a ton of cookies, when it comes to what to serve at my home during the holiday season, I do lean toward cake.

Cookies are for snacks and serving friends that drop by, and though I always put out a platter of Christmas cookies along with the REAL dessert, I do try to make cake because.

Jut because!

Among the many traditions that make this time of year special, the Christmas cake stands out as a centerpiece on tables everywhere.

Whether it’s a traditional fruitcake, a luscious chocolate creation, or a whimsical Christmas tree-shaped confection, the possibilities for festive desserts are endless.

Though there are lots of opinions on what is a Christmas cake recipe, I thought I’d share what I’ve served over the years and hopefully put you in the holiday spirit.

I think this week can get a bit hectic and sometimes it takes away that special feeling, but somehow when I get baking for my holiday table it puts my mind right back where it should be.

Feeling good!

I know it seems funny that a Jewish girl has much of a Christmas holiday season, but with a birthday coming up 5 days before Christmas, it’s hard not to want to celebrate.

And when my father was alive we celebrated his birthday on Christmas Day.

Believe it or not, my grandparents never knew the actual date of his birthday, but when they came to this country they agreed that Christmas Day would be his birthday.

Apparently he was born near the end of December, but they didn’t pay attention to the date!

My grandfather was born on New Year’s Day, so I guess my grandparents liked holidays!

Yes, there were always holidays to celebrate in our home in December, so Jewish or not, special occasions always are extra special in our home.

When we are out looking at Christmas lights it’s always fun to come home to cake!

And when we help decorate everyone else’s Christmas tree, it’s fun to come home to cake.

And as a kid we always went Christmas caroling with friends and came home to cake or cookies.

For that matter I also remember Christmas hayrides and man, it was cold!

So let’s get started with Christmas Cake Ideas for the Best Holiday Season!

1. Christmas Fruitcake: 

Rum and Fruit Cake Bread


Let’s start with the classic – the traditional Christmas fruitcake. 

I am not a lover of the kind that were always shipped to our home on South Wildwood Avenue.

Packed with a medley of dried fruit, candied fruits, nuts, and a hint of citrus peel, that moist and flavorful cake was a holiday staple. 

Nope I like this fruit cake with rum, dried cherries and pineapple that grows more flavorful each day.

Made with brown sugar, this cake is one that not only makes a perfect snack, it is also great for gift giving.

Chocolate Birthday Cake on colorful cake platter

2. Chocolate Cake

I can’t help but give you my favorite birthday cake recipe. 

Though I love vanilla cake, chocolate will always be my first love and this old fashioned birthday cake is it. 

I know. Not traditional, but would anyone turn it down? 

Sprinkle it with candy canes and everyone will think it’s special for Christmas Day!

Gingerbread Cake

3. Gingerbread Cake

I adore this simple gingerbread cake with molasses cream cheese frosting.

Dense and loaded with cranberries and golden raisins, spicy with ginger and black pepper, it may sound odd, but this simple cake is extraordinary.

red velvet sheet cake

4. Red Velvet Cake

My mom often made us a red velvet cake for Valentine’s Day but this moist cake is great for a crowd. 

Made sheet pan style, it might just be the perfect Christmas Cake.

And yes, this one is also loaded with a ton of cream cheese icing.

Who can resist?

Top it with some easy Christmas cake decorations and no one will guess my mom made it for Valentine’s Day!

burnt basque cheesecake

5. Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love creamy cheesecakes? 

This extremely simple burnt cheesecake-yes, that’s what it’s called- is famous in Spain.

And rightly so. 

This simple cheese cake can be jazzed up, but this 6 ingredient recipe is lovely on any holiday dessert table and people will love the change from a traditional cheese cake.

recipe for white chocolate icing dyed pink on a cranberry cake

6. Cranberry Christmas Cake

I made this cake several years ago and though it is not an easy cake to make, it is impressive.

Made with white cake layers, filled with cranberry puree and topped with a white chocolate honey frosting, this cake is impressive.

And certainly falls under the festive cake category!

Yes, this is one of my show-stopping cake recipes.

Chocolate Fudge Loaf Cake

7. Chocolate Loaf Cake

This simple chocolate loaf cake, that looks quite ugly when it comes out of the pan, is jazzed up when combined with whipped cream.

The best part is eating this cake but it is a lot of fun to make.

One of Nigella’s recipes, I must say this decadent cake is way better than holiday cookies!

Add a lot of Christmas sprinkles to the top of the cake and be prepared to make this again next year!

Or you could even add peppermint extract to the cake batter or the frosting!

Orange Chocolate Poundcake

8. Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake

It’s hard to have too much good food, and even though this cake might not be considered a traditional Christmas cake, I’m here to tell you that I think this winter cake made with orange zest and orange juice is an excellent choice for a simple Christmas cake.

​I was never a lover of orange citrus in dessert, but this cake converted me.

Having a Christmas party? This should be on anyone’s list of Christmas desserts!

So grab a cup of tea, relax, and choose your favorite Christmas cake ideas recipe.

Or make some of the best hot chocolate you know of and eat cake.

I know there isn’t a Christmas tree cake in the batch, but I promise no one will miss it.

I’m hoping for a white Christmas, because to me it means a great roaring fire and a chance to sit back and do nothing.

If I make a big meal, it will be Manservant’s to clean up!

Merry Christmas to all and to all I wish you a perfect cake!


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Here’s Nigella’s Christmas cookbook. And I love this one by Alex Guarnaschelli. Alex just gave me this one on Taiwanese cooking and it is great!

I can’t help but think I should promote this one!


Karen (Back Road Journal)

Saturday 23rd of December 2023

You have a wonderful selection of cakes Abbe. My personal favorites are fruit cake and gingerbread. Happy Holidays.


Sunday 24th of December 2023

Good choices, Karen!

Jeff the Chef @ Make It Like a Man!

Wednesday 20th of December 2023

Thanks for all these cake recipes. The chocolate orange loaf sounds especially good!