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Pickled Red Onions Recipe/ Taco Toppings

This pickled red onions recipe makes everything taste amazing. As does this avocado sauce and grilled cabbage, all of which are perfect taco toppings! Pickled red onions are amazing on just about anything, but put them on tacos and oh man…you’ve hit on what makes them so addictive. This simple ingredient puts tacos so above …

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Marinated Grilled Pork Tenderloin

This marinated grilled pork tenderloin, (Mexican style)  is  quickly grilled. Great on its own, or perfect for tacos, nachos, quesadillas and even burritos.  Marinated grilled pork tenderloin is so easy to make. How do you make this simple Mexican Grilled Pork? Basically this simple spice paste of chile powder, garlic and vinegar is rubbed on …

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Mushroom Tacos with Chorizo and Guacamole

  Just like these mushroom tacos look a bit discombobulated, I’ve felt a bit the same since Passover. It’s rush, rush, cook, cook, clean, clean and then it’s over. How quick and fast it comes. But life moves quickly and has brought exciting news in the last week, Manservant who has been anchored here the …

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