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Is Caprese Salad Healthy? Easy Recipe To Make Every Day!

is caprese salad healthy on green plare

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This gorgeous salad with fresh ingredients that include fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh juicy tomatoes, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil is always high on my summer foods to make list.

It’s amazing how a few simple ingredients that are at their peak can be so enticing.

Manservant, who claims to not like tomatoes, will even eat this classic Italian dish as long as the tomatoes are ripe-because who likes tomatoes that taste like nothing?

I love caprese style anything including this chicken that I serve on quinoa cakes.

is caprese salad healthy with peaches and tomaotes and mozzarella

Why I Love Caprese Salad

Caprese spells summer to me and an easy caprese salad made with cherry tomatoes or heirloom tomatoes, is one of my faves.

There are so many ways to make this simple salad, such as adding fresh peaches or ripe avocado, that this tasty salad can be adapted to whatever you have on hand.

Even without mozzarella this simple Italian salad can be  made with many other types of cheese.

Switching out balsamic dressing and using other flavored vinegars will keep this insalata caprese on your table in some form or another!

Plus-a caprese salad is so healthy!

And no recipe required!

healthy peach and tomato caprese salad


What is a caprese salad?

A caprese salad contains tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh basil leaves and is topped with a drizzle of olive oil. It is usually served on a platter.

Where did Caprese Salad originate?

Caprese Salad is said to have originated on the island of Capri and happens to be the colors of the Italian flag.

Is caprese salad healthy?

Fresh tomatoes contain lycopene which is linked to heart and eye health. One daily serving of mozzarella contains 18% of your daily calcium needs.
Olive oil and cheese help keep you feeling full and the essential oils in basil may help lower your blood pressure.
The magnesium in basil also helps with inflammation.
Add some chicken breast for protein to keep you more full and this caprese salad recipe with healthy ingredients makes a perfect appetizer or a delicious main course.

Is Caprese Salad Healthy? Key Ingredients and Substitutions

Ripe Tomatoes – Cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes in all colors, shapes and sizes at room temperature (Refrigerated tomatoes are not good and take the flavor from the tomatoes)

Fresh Ripe Peaches– optional, but delicious

Fresh Basil– Other fresh herbs make great variations such as thyme, oregano and parsley

Olive Oil– Use the best you have and you should always taste your olive oil as they come in so many varieties and flavors. Some are grassy and some are bitter; others more smooth.

Balsamic VinegarPesto thinned with oil is an alternative

Fresh ground black pepper is a necessity.

Kosher Salt or Maldon Salt Flakes

Crusty Bread– Optional, but it is perfect for soaking up all of the wonderful juices this classic salad makes!

Mozzarella Cheese-made with cow’s milk or buffalo mozzarella is also used. 

Get creative and try feta or slices of brie, if mozzarella isn’t in the fridge. 

And a burrata sliced open on top of an Italian caprese salad makes my taste buds swoon. A dollop of ricotta or goat’s cheese is also great!

How To Make This Healthy Caprese Salad

Slice tomatoes and place decoratively on a serving platter.

Alternate mozzarella slices in between the tomatoes.

Add in some fresh herbs, making sure every serving has a few.

Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I love this lemon oil.

Sprinkle with coarse salt and black pepper.

(This is important as mozzarella is a mild cheese and needs a sprinkle of salt and pepper for added flavor.)

peach caprese salad 6 of 9

What to Serve With Caprese Salad

Caprese salad can be served as an appetizer as is or as bruschetta.

As a main dish add a piece of chicken or grilled fish.

Don’t forget some bread and grilled bread is even better. Brush with oil and sprinkle with salt and you have amazing bread!

This easy recipe is healthy and a great way to celebrate during summer months.

Perfect at a summer bbq I don’t recommend storing leftovers.

Tomatoes taste horrible when refrigerated so make sure to eat this all up!

Just sayin’! So is caprese salad healthy?

You tell me!

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is caprese salad healthy

Is Caprese Salad Healthy? Easy Recipe To Make Every Day!

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  • Author: Abbe
  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 4 Servings
  • Category: Main Course/Side Dish/Appetizer
  • Cuisine: Italian/American


Who doesn’t love caprese salad made with the freshest ingredients? This luscious salad screams summer, so get to the Farmer’s Market and buy some gorgeous tomatoes!


Olive Oil of your choice (I used a garlic olive oil and a lemon oil on the peach version)

Balsamic Vinegar

Variety of Tomatoes and Peaches(optional)(Figure about 7 cherry tomatoes or 1 medium tomato per person

Basil or other fresh herbs

Kosher Salt and Fresh Pepper

Fresh Mozzarella or other cheese of your choice ( 1-2 slices per person)

Crusty Bread for Serving


Slice tomatoes and peaches and place decoratively on serving plate.

Intersperse with mozzarella slices. Add some fresh herbs so when serving everyone gets some.

Drizzle with olive oil and vinegar. Sprinkle with coarse salt and black pepper.

Keep at room temperature.


Please see post above for alternative cheese and oil and vinegar substitutions.

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