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Health Benefits of Tabouli Salad Recipe

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I’ve been wanting to make this traditional Middle Eastern salad for a long time and after receiving my copy of Shavout of Longing and learning it was favorite recipe of Arie Zalmanovich, I decided what was I waiting for?

Arie was one of the founders of Kibbutz Nir Oz and was kidnapped at the age of 86.

May his memory be for a blessing-he died in Hamas captivity.

Little did I know that this bulgur wheat salad made with fresh parsley, mint and cilantro is also whole grain which means lots of good dietary fiber for you.

health benefits of tabouli with shavuot of longing cookbook

Tabouli is cracked whole wheat and contains 8g of fiber and 6g of protein per cup.

Fiber helps reduce heart disease and in my family that is something we need to be aware of.

A good source of fiber makes this tabouli salad a great choice when trying to keep blood sugar levels low.

It also aids digestive health by acting as a prebiotic.

Increasing fiber may keep your blood pressure low and also improve your circulation.

High fiber makes a person feel full longer and all I can tell you is that a serving with lunch kept me more than full until dinner.

Tomatoes can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Mint gives a burst of flavor and also has a calming effect on the digestive tract.

Health benefits of parsley include being rich in Vitamin C and K which contribute to blood clotting and bone health. 

Pomegranate seeds are great for the immune system and are considered a super food.

They also contain protein, are a powerful antioxidant, and are an excellent choice for fighting free radicals.

Pistachios help lower cholesterol levels and when I discovered I had no pomegrantates I decided to use them instead.

Frankly I think both are perfect in this tabbouleh salad.

Needless to say the health benefits of tabouli are great!

tabouli recipe in armenian bowl

How to Prepare Bulgur?

I used Ziyad fine wheat bulgur which needs to be soaked for about an hour before using.
I couldn’t find bulgur at my grocery store but it is easily found on Amazon or at a Middle Eastern market.

Where is tabouli from?

Tabouli is said to have originated in the mountains of Lebanon and Syria, but is eaten all over the Middle East.

Does bulgur need to be cooked before eating?

Bulgur only needs to be soaked before making into tabouli.

health benefits of tabouli in armenian bowl

Bulgur Wheat – Substitutes may include quinoa, farro, barley and rice. 

Bulgur wheat has a chewy texture and is not part of a gluten-free diet.

Fresh herbs – I used fresh mint from my garden, cilantro and Italian flat-leaf parsley. Basil or dill could be used also.

Cucumbers – I used European

Tomatoes – I used a handful of cherub sweet tomatoes and sliced them

Onion – Use red onion or green onions

Jalapeno Pepper – I just couldn’t resist, but is totally optional.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh Lemon Juice

Pomegranate seeds or chopped pistachios

tabouli recipe in blue bowl with lemons

Soak the wheat for 1 hour in water according to package instructions.

Finely chop the herbs.

Finely chop the vegetables.

Make the olive oil dressing by combining the olive oil, salt and black pepper with the fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Top with pomegranate seeds or pistachios.

tabouli with pistachios in blue armenian bowl and health benefits of tabouli

Tabouli salad can be served in pita bread with deli meat such as turkey or falafel.

A bowl of tabouli salad makes a great side dish anywhere you would serve potato salad.

It is also perfect over lettuce leaves or fresh greens with a hard boiled egg added for some extra Vitamin A.

Make it part of a mezze as a fun way to start a meal.

This popular dish is a great addition to any meal and is perfect topped with a slice of chicken and feta cheese to make a healthy main course.

​Tabouli may be one of the healthiest salads I know of.

A tabbouleh recpe is a staple food in many Middle Eastern countries.

Variations are endless.

Add salty feta or briny olives.

Other fresh ingredients include chopped red peppers, jalapeno peppers, and carrots for a change.

All contribute to the nutritional value of this simple, but tasty salad.

tabouli recipe and tabouli in bowl

Make this simple tabbouleh recipe which will increase your overall heath.

Eat more high fiber foods.

What else can I say? 

Listen to your doctor and make high fiber content foods part of your overall health plan.

Remember Arie Zalmanovich when you make this.

And don’t forget that, ” A bowl of tabbouleh a day, just may keep the doctor away!”

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health benefits of tabouli in blue bowl

Tabouli Salad

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  • Author: Abbe
  • Prep Time: 20 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 60 Minutes*
  • Total Time: 0 hours
  • Yield: 4 Servings 1x
  • Category: Side dish/Salads
  • Cuisine: Middle Eastern


This tabouli salad recipe is not only delicious but it has amazing health benefits. You can feel it pulsing through your veins!


Units Scale

1 c bulgur wheat

2 c fresh herbs such as Italian Parsley, Mint, Cilantro, Basil, Dill

1 European cucumber, diced

1 jalapeno pepper, diced

1 1/2 T olive oil

1/4 t salt or to taste (I used more)

1/4 t fresh ground black pepper

3 T fresh squeezed lemon juice

1/2 c pomegranate seeds or chopped pistachios or a combination of both


Soak the bulgur according to package directions.

In a large serving bowl, mix together the bulgur, herbs and vegetables.

Whisk the olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper together and pour over salad.

Stir well and serve.

Salad can sit at room temperature to allow the flavors to meld together for several hours.


Salad can be kept in an airtight container for about 1 week. Allow to come to room temperature before serving.

*Soaking Time for bulgur.

Recipe rating 5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star


Tuesday 25th of June 2024

Perfect office lunch while the heat is on! Thank you!


Tuesday 25th of June 2024

Yes, it's perfect for an office lunch, isn't it?