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Glazed Pecans (I’m going nuts!)

Glazed Pecans, or any nut for that matter, can easily be glazed. Spiced up with your favorite flavorings, nuts are the perfect gift!

Glazed pecans or walnuts or macadamias or really any nut, are a great thing to have on hand. Manservant loves pecans so this glazed pecan recipe is one I often make. I’m a walnut person and this glazed pecans recipe works just as well with those. I’m into nuts! I adore nuts, except for perhaps almonds. Give me pecans or walnuts any day and please don’t get me started on macadamias! Nuts are a great snack as long as you don’t eat too many and glazed nuts are so simple to make, well, you really must make these now!

How do I make glazed pecans?

So glad you asked! Making glazed pecans is as simple as melting butter and then adding 2 tablespoons of maple syrup and brown sugar. Cook just a few minutes until bubbly and then stir in 8 oz or two cups of pecans. Cook those for about two minutes while stirring and then spread these hot nuts on a parchment lined baking sheet to cool. Yes, I know you have 5 minutes in your day to do this!

Variations of glazed pecans?

Like wow! The skies the limit. First I’d add some salt. Just stir it right in and you’ve got the sweet salty thing going on. Or sprinkle some Maldon salt flakes on while these are cooling. They cool fast so don’t dawdle. Like spicy nuts? Stir in some cayenne or even some red pepper flakes. Regular fresh cracked black pepper is good, too. And don’t forget cinnamon. Or cardamom. Or cumin. (Lots of “c’s” in the spice world, eh?) And yes, there is the vanilla route, too. Whip up your favorite batch, but don’t give them all away.

Glazed Pecans Recipe

What can I use glazed pecans for?

Honestly? Besides stuffing them in your mouth, they are perfecto in salads. Any salad. Green salads. Fruit salads. Grain salads. They are wonderful in baked goods. Use them to garnish cakes and cookies. But they also taste great in cookies, too. I like them stirred into roasted Brussels sprouts or to garnish a cheese tray. And holy moly! They are great for bribing neighbors to check your mail! But stay tuned. They are also great in pumpkin scones so don’t eat them all.

It’s Friday folks and the weekend is almost here. It’s cold inside and outside and this dog I know wants a walk. So have a nutty weekend and make some nuts! Glazed pecans, in particular.

Glazed Pecans Recipe

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Maple Glazed Pecans Recipe

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Maple Glazed Pecans

Glazed Pecans (I’m going nuts!)

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Glazed Pecans, or any nut for that matter, can easily be glazed. Spiced up with your favorite flavorings, nuts are the perfect gift or snack!



2 T butter

2 T maple syrup

2 T packed dark brown sugar

2 c pecan halves (8 oz)

Optional: Salt, Pepper, Cayenne, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cumin, Red Pepper flakes, Cardamom


Heat oven to 350. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

In a large skillet, melt the butter over medium heat. Add brown sugar and syrup. Mix well. Cook until bubbly, stirring constantly.

Add pecans, cook 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly until coated. They do soak up most of the butter mixture. At this point stir in a seasoning of your choice, or not. These are good just the way they are! Do not let them burn. Pour and spread out on the parchment lined cookie sheet.

Bake 6 -8 minutes or until golden brown. Cool and store in a tightly covered container.


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Karen (Back Road Journal)

Wednesday 23rd of October 2019

Pecans are my favorite.! The party and holiday season are rapidly approaching and your glazed nuts make perfect hostess gifts.

Abbe Odenwalder

Wednesday 23rd of October 2019

I so agree! Thanks Karen!

mimi rippee

Monday 21st of October 2019

I just love this recipe. I don't like the recipes that involve egg whites, even though those nuts turn out pretty wonderful, too!!!

Abbe Odenwalder

Tuesday 22nd of October 2019

I agree Mimi. And I have to tell you that there aren't many nuts left!


Saturday 19th of October 2019

Woo hoo! Love those pecans! I go nuts over nuts too!!!

Abbe Odenwalder

Tuesday 22nd of October 2019

Give them a try Pam. They are even better the next day. Not sure why, but they are!


Saturday 19th of October 2019

I'm nuts right with you and pecans are my favorite! They sound delish!

Abbe Odenwalder

Saturday 19th of October 2019

Susan, you will love these. I must say they are quite addictive!


Friday 18th of October 2019

Definitely a season of nuts :-)) I like mine with some chili flakes or sumac. How much syrup did you use here?

Abbe Odenwalder

Friday 18th of October 2019

Jeez Angie! Thanks for catching that! Sumac would be great!