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Belgian Dark Chocolate Waffles

Belgian Dark Chocolate Waffles are loaded with dark chocolate chips and chunky bits of sugar. Not too sweet and just right for a holiday brunch, this recipe for Belgian waffles will quickly become a favorite! Need a recipe for Belgian waffles? Though these Belgian waffles are the chocolate version, I don’t think you will be …

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Overnight Breakfast Casserole with Lox and Bagels

This overnight breakfast casserole, made with lox and bagels, is perfect for entertaining. Filled with cream cheese and plenty of everything seasoning, this casserole would also be great with pastrami. Just plan on refrigerating overnight and baking it for about 50-60 minutes the next day. Garnish with smoked salmon, tomatoes, capers and onions and you …

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Chilaquiles with Eggs (Mexican Comfort Food)

Chilaquiles with eggs is traditional Mexican comfort food. Served at breakfast and brunch, (though Manservant would eat this anytime) it is a mixture of fried corn tortillas simmered in a thick red or green sauce. Throw in your own additions such as chicken or chorizo and you have a hearty and inexpensive meal. With a …

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