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Easy Summer Crustless Vegetable Quiche Recipe (Pashtida)

Also known as baked casseroles, pashtidas are perfect for using up leftover veggies and chunks of cheese lurking in the fridge.  

Unlike a traditional quiche they require no pie crust.

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Pashtida, which is really just another name for an Israeli quiche or casserole, is a great way to make a light dinner.

So grab your favorite casserole dish and don’t worry about making a rich custard, because no heavy cream is required in this crustless vegetable quiche recipe.

With Manservant out of town I decided to give this a try. 

He loves his protein in the form of meat, and this great recipe doesn’t require any, which made it perfect for my dinner. (I eat chicken and fish, but don’t require it for every meal!)

There are countless ways to make this easy recipe, so be prepared for lots of suggestions on how to make this your own.

crustless vegetable quiche recipes in oval casserole dish

Pashtida requires simple ingredients which means this crustless veggie quiche is perfect for Summer.

I love pashtida because it’s so easy to make and so adaptable.

Though the texture of this veggie casserole is more dense than a quiche, I love its golden crust and cheesy interior that can be loaded with your veggies of choice.

There is no wrong way to make this un-traditional quiche.

I spotted the original recipe in this fabulous new cookbook. 

It calls for zucchini.

Not having any, I used sauteed sweet onions and corn, but most any cooked vegetables, meaning sauteed vegetables, will be perfect in this versatile dish.

Think roasted or sauteed cherry tomatoes, red peppers, a handful of baby spinach, perhaps some steamed broccoli or sauteed mushrooms, are exceptional in this un-classic quiche.

This garden vegetable crustless quiche can be made with your favorite cheese and is perfect for the whole family.

crustless vegetable quiche recipes in oval casserole dish

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil or any flavorless oil

Panko-style or Regular Dry Bread Crumbs

Onion- I think onion always adds great flavor to most anything but don’t forget scallions and shallots. 

Corn – well drained or about 2 c of fresh corn- feel free to use any other veggies in 2 cup measurements. You could even add cooked potatoes or sweet potatoes. Zuchinni is popular, in which case use 1 pound of thnily sliced zuchinni that has been cooked completely through.

Salt and  Black Pepper

Whole Eggs – I did not seperate my eggs but if you want a lighter pashtida, whisk the egg whites seperately.

Greek Yogurt – Sour Cream can also be used and next time I think I’ll try cottage cheese or ricotta

Parmesan Cheese, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Gruyere, Hard Greek Cheeses, or your fave

Whole Milk – You could also use 1/2 and 1/2

Flour or gluten free substitute

Herbs such as parsley, cilantro, basil, dill, za’atar and even garlic powder can be use to flavor this crustless vegetable quice recipe.

crustless vegetable quiche recipes in oval casserole dish

Preheat oven to 350 with rack in the upper third of the oven.

Grease a 9″ pie pan or your favorite baking dish with cooking spray and then sprinkle with breadcrumbs.

In a large skillet heat oil over medium-high heat.

Add the onion or any of your favorite summer vegetables totalling about 4-5 cups and cook until softened.

(Or use cooked leftovers.)

Let cooked veggies cool while preparing the egg mixture.

In a large bowl, stir together the eggs (whip the egg whites seperately if you want this lighter), yogurt or sour cream, 1/2 c of grated cheese and milk until smooth.

Stir in the flour and then season with salt, pepper and other herbs and spices.

​Now add in the cooled veggies and pour/scrape into the prepared baking dish.

​I added slices of halloumi to the top of the quiche or you could just sprinkle with remaining 2 T of cheese and a few breadcrumbs.

Place in preheated oven and bake until firm and golden brown.

​Pashtida can be served after cooling a few minutes or serve at room temperature.

crustless vegetable quiche recipes in oval casserole dish

Why is pashtida eaten for Shavout?

Pashtida is a dairy dish which makes it perfect for Shavout where dairy dishes are traditional. Want to know more about pashtida? Read here.

What does pashtida mean in Hebrew?

Pashtida means a savory pie, quiche or casserole. It derives from the Italian word pasticcio, meaning pie.

Serve with an easy salad and perhaps some artisan bread on the side, this crustless quiche can easily be dinner tonight.

Honestly? With a fruit salad this may also become one of my favorite brunch recipes.

Serve with extra vegetables such as grilled asparagus or eggplant.

You could serve this with bacon (horrors) if you don’t follow dietary laws.

I encourage you to try this crustless vegetable quiche recipe or casserole and come up with a great option that works for you.

I know some of you may miss that flaky crust but frankly, in the summer I much prefer to keep it simple. 

Find your favorite ingredients and play around.

You just may find that crustless vegetable quiche recipes become a standard in your kitchen.

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crustless corn quiche recipe in white oval dish with serving spoon

Pashtida Corn Casserole

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  • Author: Abbe
  • Prep Time: 20 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 60 Minutes
  • Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Yield: 68 Servings 1x
  • Category: Main Course/Side Dish


This no-crust quiche or casserole is made with whatever you have on hand. Not quite as light as a traditional quiche, you will still love its versatality and flavor!


Units Scale

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 T Panko or regular bread crumbs

2 c chopped onion

1 can drained corn or 2 c fresh corn

Kosher salt and Black Pepper

3 large eggs – divided or not

3/4 c whole milk Greek yogurt or sour cream

1/2 c plus 2 T of cheese

4 ounces Halloumi, sliced but optional

1/4 c whole milk, 1/2 and 1/2 or heavy cream

1/4 c all-purpose flour

3 T fresh herbs or seasoning


Place a rack in upper third of oven and preheat to 350. Grease a 9″ pie tin or casserole dish with cooking spray or olive oil. Dust with breadcrumbs and tap out excess.

In a large skillet heat 3 T of oil over medium heat. Add the onions and cook, until soft, about 8 -10 minutes. Stir in corn and then let cool. (If using fresh uncooked corn, add to onions after 5 minutes.)

In a large bowl stir together the eggs, (whip the egg whites separately if you want a lighter casserole) yogurt, 1/2 c of grated cheese and milk. Stir in flour and seasonings of choice, 1 t of kosher salt and some fresh black pepper.

Pour the mixture into the prepared pan, smoothing the surface. Top with Halloumi slices if using, and sprinkle with 2 T of remaining cheese. Sprinkle with 2 T of breadcrumbs.

Bake until firm and golden-brown, about 60 minutes. Pashtida should be golden brown. If it isn’t feel free to run under broiler. Remove from oven.

Let cool for a few minute and serve warm or let cool completely and serve at room temperature.


See above post for ingredient options.

Pashtida can be wrapped well in plastic wrap and keeps for about 1 week refrigerated. Reheat in microwave.

Thanks Jewish Holiday Cookbook and the Jewish Food Society for inspiration.

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