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How To Make Homemade Extra Hot Horseradish Recipe

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Yes I know horseradish is easily found at grocery stores, but sometimes it’s fun to make your own homemade horseradish.

If you are like me, this is the season where the food processor is in prime real estate in my kitchen.

Making charoset, making chopped liver, making gefilte fish-well, may as well make your own horseradish.

I can understand why many a Bubby avoided the task.

After all, grating a horseradish root by hand must have been very unpleasant and not for the faint of heart.

And beware when opening the lid of the food processor. And beware when breathing through your nose or your mouth.

​However you don’t have to worry about your hands-like when working with chilies.

All that being said, it’s kind of fun when you make the hottest horseradish ever!

hot horseradish recipe
Hot Horseradish Recipe in decorative bowl with matzo

If you are going to all the trouble preparing the Seder, making horseradish is one of the easiest tasks around.

Everyone is always amazed when  they hear you make it yourself.

Whether you add a beet to make it more mild, or cream which some say makes it spicier, there is a certain sense of accomplishment when you don’t have to rely on a jar from the grocery.

OK. I don’t add cream on Passover!

ingredients for hot horseradish recipe

A Very Fresh Horseradish Root (the fresher it is, the hotter it is and it should be kept under refrigeration)

Apple Cider Vinegar or White Wine Vinegar or Lemon Juice


Sugar (Maybe)

Beets (If you want this milder)

Hot Horseradish Recipe, two kinds in pretty bowl

Begin by peeling the horseradish root with a vegetable peeler.

If yours is weirdly shaped, I find it easier to use a sharp knife to trim the ends and the curved sections.

Cut into 1 to 2″ chunks and place in the food processor. No need like chilies to protect your hands. With horseradish the problem begins when you breathe!

​Using the steel blade and on/off motions, chop the horseradish up into fine flakes.

Through the feed tube, add the white vinegar and salt and continue processing until the mixture is fine, but not pureed.

IMG 1762

Remve the tube, being careful to not breathe in the vapor!

I divided this into 2/3 and 1/3 and added a boiled beet to the smaller third.

This helps mellow the ground horseradish out a bit, in case you have some that don’t like extra hot horseradish.

Taste for salt and some like to add a pinch of sugar to balance out the flavor.

Transfer to glass jars and tamp the mixture down. Pour a little more vinegar over the top and then a layer of plastic wrap before placing the lid on tight.

Immediately store in the refrigerator.

What’s the secret to hot horseradish?

Horseradish should not be shriveled when you buy it. It should always be refrigerated to maintain freshness, so be sure to place in refrigerator immediately after making. Vinegar helps preserve the heat of the horseradish.

Why did my horseradish turn gray?

This is not a silly question, because it happened to me. The blade in the food processor bruises the horseradish root which causes it to oxidize and turn gray. I am guessing the Bubbie’s horseradish was not gray! I must also mention that when I bought a new blade for my very old food pocessor, it solved the problem!

Is it safe to serve horseradish with a silver spoon?

Unlike my pictures, horseradish can tarnish the metal. Since my spoon was already tarnished I figured why not? (It’s a cute spoon!)

Does horseradish go bad?

Horseradish can be kept in the fridge for 4 – 6 months, however it may lose some of its heat. If it turns brown you can still eat it but it will probably be bland.

homemade hot horseradish recipe in decorative bowls

Horseradish can be mixed into sour cream to make a creamy horseradish sauce for roast beef.

This can also be used on a steak sandwich.

It can be used in a Bloody Mary mix.

Great in shrimp cocktail sauce. Ketchup, worcestershire and horseradish is my formula! 

I have made this dip that contains horseradish.

Of course, I make horseradish to go with gefilte fish.

And I always hope for leftovers because it seems there are so many ways to use it.

I’d love to hear what you do with your hot stuff!

Beer Cheese Dip in blue and white crock
Tartar Remoulade Sauce in white dish with spoon
sweet and hot mustard in white crock
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hot horseradish recipe

Hot Horseradish Recipe

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  • Author: Abbe Odenwalder
  • Prep Time: 15 Minutes
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 2.5 cups 1x
  • Category: Sauce
  • Cuisine: American


Want hot horseradish? It’s not hard to do, but it begins with a good fresh horseradish root that has been refrigerated!



1 horseradish root (Mine was 18 oz or about 3 cups cubed)

About 6 T of apple cider vinegar divided

1 1/2 t kosher salt

1 beet (optional)

Pinch of sugar (optional)


Peel or use a sharp knife to remove the exterior of the root. Cut into chunks.

Add to food processor fitted with the steel blade and using on/off motions pulse until the horseradish is finely grated. With the machine running add 5 T of vinegar and the salt through the feed tube. Pulse until mixture has come together but is not pureed.

Averting your eyes and mouth, carefully remove the processor lid and scrape 2/3 of the mixture into a clean glass jar. To the horseradish still in the processor add the beet and pulse again. Remove that to a clean jar.

Taste for salt and vinegar and add sugar if that’s what you like. Tamp the mixture into your jars and then drizzle more vinegar on top. Cover with a piece of plastic wrap and place the lid on tightly. Immediately place in the refrigerator.


Horseradish will keep 4 to 6 months in the refrigerator but can also be kept in the freezer. It may mellow over time, but then I mix it into mayonnaise for a simple sandwich spread!

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Jeff the Chef @ Make It Like a Man!

Monday 29th of April 2024

Interesting! I love the addition of cream, but I never thought about adding a beet. I do have to confess that I like a milder horseradish.