Corn and Beer

Elote Corn, Bacon and Potato Hash
My son came home for a few days. He hasn’t been gone that long but I will always welcome him home. It was nice to hear another voice in the house. Even the dogs were happy to see him. He had a few things to do while he was home and one of them involved bottling beer. He started it in June and it was ready. At least ready to be removed from the floor of my laundry room.
There are many things he is good at and beer is one of them. He started his brewing career at a fairly young age. You might even say he is a prodigy at brewing. After all I think it did improve his chemistry scores. And I also must say that it is nice to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He has brewed some very good beer. I am told it was not always that way, but I don’t know about those days. This recent brewing was called “Nelson Mandela”. I don’t know why he chose that one at the brewing store but he told me it was on sale. Go figure.Fitting huh, since his dad is now working in South Africa. Can’t wait     to see what it tastes like.
In any case bottling needs encouragement so I made him a big breakfast. I was happy. He was happy. And those bottles got filled with beer. Plus he cleaned up. He is very good at that. I kid you not.
He even wore the right shirt.
Checking to see if he got enough.

My breakfast  inspiration that day came from a blog I follow called Smitten Kitchen. Deb has been writing and photographing much longer than I have.  She is very good. Check it out, but please, don’t forget about me. She made a bacon corn hash. Are you following me? Go check out my last post if you aren’t. Anyway, my adaptation of her recipe involves using my leftover  elote corn in bowl. I think you will like it. I know you will like it. And don’t worry about the bacon if you don’t eat it. Leave it out. It will still be very, very good. You may even want to chase it with a beer!
Forget the sticky buns in the distance.
Elote Corn, Bacon and Potato Hash (I just realized this contains my three favorite food groups!)
6 strips of bacon chopped and fried until crisp
3 c cubed potatoes (While the bacon is frying I chop these and put them in a bowl with 2T of water. I then cover it and microwave them for about 3 and ½ minutes. This helps them fry faster.)
1 ½-2c leftover or elote corn
1 Fried Egg per serving  )This recipe makes 3-4 servings depending on how hungry you are!)
Fry bacon until crisp. Remove from pan but leave bacon grease in pan. Add cubed potatoes and fry until crisp. Add corn and cook until warm. Stir in bacon. Now remove from pan and keep warm.
If you have enough grease use the remaining to fry some eggs. If not, add some butter and then fry them. Put that hash on a plate and top it with an egg. Think of it as a manly breakfast but only if you have it with a beer.

All Cooked!

Frying potatoes.

Frying Eggs.


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  • Abbe
    July 22, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Thank you, Mr. Kitchen Riffs. Are you going to do any great beer cocktails in your cocktail series?

  • Kitchen Riffs
    July 22, 2012 at 4:46 pm

    I do the microwave trick with potatoes all the time too – really cuts down on time in the frying pan. Nice recipe. I've heard of bacon hash, but it's one of those things I've totally forgotten about. Sounds great with the corn. And, of course, a beer. 😉 Fun post – thanks.