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Zatar Dukkah Veggie Dip Recipe

Summer is the time for light meals and lots of veggies. This “dry” dip is perfect for getting everyone to eat more veggies!

Veggie Dip with Za'atar and Dukkah

I’m always on the lookout for a good veggie dip. And this one is perfect for company, kids and me! As you may know Manservant and I are on the “wedding diet” which is our way of saying we are trying to be more conscious of not only what we eat, but what we do.

Though I still have a pantry filled with potato chips and other processed snacks; I have to admit they have been collecting dust as we’ve turned ourselves over to the land of veggies.

This wasn’t so hard for me, but Manservant used to devour his pita chips and Cheetos quite heartily.

Hence the need for a good and healthy veggie dip recipe. I love this sesame tahini version but sometimes I don’t want the creamy dip, I just want something salty.

Enter this dip which can fall under the zatar recipes folder, I keep. Well, I’m fibbing about that! I wish I kept folders, but I conveniently keep everything piled in a drawer-that is now becoming overstuffed!

Za'atar Veggie Dip

What is dukkah?

Being a lover of dukkah-which is a nut and spice blend from Egypt- I decided to come up with my own dip for veggies after seeing a recipe for a fun dip in Bon Appetit.

This one uses nutritional yeast, which I also used in this corn nuts recipe. (Another good snack by the way.)

Nutritional yeast is great for adding some extra protein and fiber and apparently is used by many vegans- but this I do not know for a fact.

I do know that I like the flavor of nutritional yeast and some extra protein and fiber in my diet is a good thing!

My dukkah recipe contains chopped pistachios and instead of adding more seeds and nuts, I decided to use za’atar where a key component is sesame seeds.

Zatar Dip with Veggies

What is za’atar?

Za’atar is made with a Mediterranean herb similar to thyme or oregano. Everyone seems to have their own mixture that is called za’atar, but it may contain a mixture of things such as sumac (a lemon tasting herb), and toasted sesame seeds. Since za’atar now is a regular at my Kroger grocery, there is no need to make my own or make a special trip to one of my favorite Middle Eastern grocers.

So let’s get to it, shall we? This veggie dip recipe contains za’atar seasoning, (not to be confused with za’atar packed in oil), with chopped pistachios and nutritional yeast.

I added some Aleppo style pepper which is from that region of the world, and some salt and sugar. Yes, that is what helps make this dip so addictive. Sorry! Sugar and salt do do that!

Don’t have Aleppo pepper? Try paprika with a pinch of cayenne. Or even Ancho chile powder will work. Regular chili powder will work also, but will change the flavor profile a bit. 

If you are like me, I love keeping ready to go veggie dippers in the fridge. Everyone has their faves, and Manservant’s are carrots.

Crudite Platter with Dukkah

Fresh sugar peas, sliced peppers or those baby peppers, radishes and celery are also great veggies to dip! Whatever you want, just know that once you put them on a pretty platter they become fancy crudites!

This simple appetizer is a great way to feed the kids, but it also reminds me of a Midwestern relish tray that was always served at every restaurant in my small town. Hmmm. I miss that!

Start summer right. Keep this za’atar dukkah style dip in your fridge and I promise it will disappear fast!

Don’t want to dip? Sprinkle this on cooked veggies or even grilled fish or chicken. Adding it to sour cream or yogurt is another way to use this wonderful concoction.

This simple and quick recipe is one you can find many uses for. Try it today!

Veggie Dip Crudite Platter

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Zatar Dip with Veggies

Zatar Dukkah Veggie Dip Recipe

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  • Author: Abbe Odenwalder
  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 Minutes
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 1/2 c 1x
  • Category: Dips/Snacks
  • Method: Food Processor
  • Cuisine: American


Summer is the time for light meals and lots of veggies. This “dry” dip is perfect for getting everyone to eat more veggies!



1/4 c raw pistachios

2 T nutritional yeast

2 t Diamond Crystal salt or 1 1/2 t Morton Kosher salt

2 t Aleppo-style pepper

2 t za’atar

1 t sugar

1 t onion powder

1/2 t garlic powder


Toast pistachios in a medium skillet until golden brown, tossing and shaking and stirring, for about 5 minutes over medium heat.

Transfer pistachios to a small food processor and let cool.

Add nutritional yeast,  and salt and pulse until the mixture is the texture of coarse meal. Transfer to a small bowl.

Stir in Aleppo pepper, za’atar, sugar, onion powder and garlic powder.

Serve with your favorite veggies.


It does help to have the veggies somewhat moist so that the dip sticks!

May be kept in the fridge in an airtight container or at room temperature for about two weeks.




Recipe rating 5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star

Healthy World Cuisine

Thursday 10th of June 2021

We are all about keeping things fresh and flavorful without heating up the kitchen. Great idea for a healthy snack, especially with fresh veggies.


Wednesday 9th of June 2021

I LOVE both middle Eastern condiments and always have some in my pantry! This is a fantastic dip, Abbe.


Wednesday 9th of June 2021

Cheetos and corn nuts remind me of Midwest snacking back in the day, but I'm more likely to go for the fresh veggies now! Especially with your fun dip! The wedding countdown is on! How exciting!!! xo

John / Kitchen Riffs

Wednesday 9th of June 2021

This looks great! We love dips, particularly at this time of the year -- we love to serve a dip with sliced veggies for dinner. Makes a quick meal, and a rather refreshing and cooling one at that. Really nice recipe -- thanks.