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STK (A Denver Review) #STKDenver

New to my blog: Saturdays are going to be for Denver stuff. If you want to read along or pass it off to someone who lives or is planning on visiting Denver, I would appreciate it!”This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed are my own.”

Voted one of Denver’s most beautiful restaurants, I had to pinch myself when I walked into STK. I’ve been to a lot of steakhouses where I feel like I’m walking into the inner sanctum of a traditional men’s club and where sedate club traditions prevail, but STK is not that. STK is clubby but in a sexy, pressure is good for you, kind of way. And yes that neon sign is, I’m told, the most photographed place in the restaurant.

Filled with massive artworks that are unique and eye catching it is hard to not take a tour of the space and fill your senses before you even sit down to eat. Or drink. Both needs are well taken care of. In fact all 5 senses are managed quite well in this spot where every table seems like the best spot in the house. The staff is there to meet every need and they managed this effortlessly. Though to be fair, it was quiet on the night we went and the DJ was not spinning, but even so there was still a definite vibe. This is a place, even in Denver, where it is OK to wear a tiny sleeveless tight fitting dress and high heels or not. This is a place to spot your favorite local sports figures dropping in after a game. And yes, this is a place to eat. And drink.


We began with crafted cocktails which helped set the mood and then it was on to octopus. The octopus was cooked perfectly which is not an easy thing to do. It had us wanting more but the rich fried gnocchi with short rib really filled us, especially on a cold rainy night. Alfred was quite good at seeing to our needs and brought us wine pours to see what we’d prefer to go with our salmon and steak. The wines by the glass are quite amazing and paired perfectly with our entree choices. But it was the two glasses of Prosecco before the mains arrived that I enjoyed most. Yes, this is a spot where Prosecco is poured by the glass.

And the steak? After all this place is named STK…A superb dry aged Delmonico was set before my husband and I could almost see him start drooling. It was cooked perfectly and though it didn’t need the Bernaise the Bernaise still tasted good. The foraged mushroom side was rich but mushrooms always go so well with steak, don’t they? I, on the other hand had salmon that left nothing to be desired. Follow all that with house made sweet potato donuts that had us licking our fingers and then the plate, one of STK’s most popular desserts, and we left STK feeling like we were parting with our best friends.


STK has a number of locations across the US. Each location changes up to 40% of their menu to suit local tastes. Brent, the head chef, shared with us some of his future ideas and I think judging from what we hear, the pressure is sure good for him. Being able to go back and see something new on the menu only adds to the energy that STK sends out. STK is a new generation steak house and one that I’m guessing will help start new Denver traditions.

1550 Market Street
Denver, CO 80202

Kitchen Riffs

Sunday 22nd of April 2018

Sounds like a fun place! I like steak, but can't eat one by myself these day. At least not one the size that most steak houses serve. So Mrs. KR and I split one, too. Those sweet potato doughnuts looks wonderful! And unusual. Fun post -- thanks.