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Green Chile Poached Eggs with Bacon and Cheddar

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Green Chile Poached Eggs

He came, he ate, he left. He was here 13 nights and this is what he had.

  1. Sage Roasted Chicken with Arugula Bread Salad
  2. Chipotle
  3. Tomato Soup with Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
  4. Sauteed Lemon Almondine Fish
  5. Italian Meat Loaf
  6. Chili
  7. Brisket
  8. Smoked Turkey
  9. Fettucine Alfredo with Lemon Roasted Shrimp
  10. Jack n’Grill Burger
  11. Vietnamese
  12. Dinner at a friend’s for Hanukah
  13. I can’t remember

This was filled in with 7 Layer Bars, Peanut Butter Chocolate Bites, Triple Chocolate Mocha Macadamia Bars, Chocolate Mint Loaf Cake, Chocolate Cake, Ilse’s Cake and other things to numerous to remember. Except beer.

I am tired of going to the grocery store. I am tired of cooking. I am tired of laundry and cleaning. But I am never tired when I look at the smiling faces of my children. It goes too fast. Even when the two of them aren’t getting along, which is usually. But this trip is over for him. He is now on another journey and I miss him.

He left me with lots of pictures. Some beautiful.

flowers 1
Flowers at Harper’s Ferry



Some funny.


bahtrrom 1
Think about it.
crisp 1
Makes Me Hungry.
grass crap 1

Some artistic.

DSC00964 1
Eiffel Tower

And he left me with this stuff on his bed to send to him. I think I still miss him.

DSCN8278 1
Waiting to be Sent

He also built me this snow thing? along with his father and sister. It made me smile with a tear in my eye.


snow creature 1



He is studying biology and Chinese and philosophy. He is feeding his mind. He is finding his path. It is definitely one less traveled. And that is good.


rocky path 1
A Beautiful Path

He is a fantastic and accomplished guitarist. I miss the sounds coming from his room.

I miss him. He will come home again with more pictures to feed my mind. And he will smile at me, which I love. It erases all the reasons he makes me mad. And I think of him, my deep thinker of a son. Yes, a mother knows.
scorpion 1
Could it be a scorpion?

A mother knows what feeds her son. A mother also knows that he will stay well fed.


leaving 1
Safe Travels

Green Chile Poached Eggs with  Bacon  and Cheddar – This is what his tummy was filled with when he departed.

3 T flour
3 T Butter
2 c Milk
1/2c onions
1 chopped chipotle
1 can green chilies drained or Hatch chilies
1/2t cumin
Dash of garlic powder
8 slices crisp bacon
8 poached eggs (I add a dash of chipotle sauce to the poaching water)
4 toasted english muffins with butter
Cheddar Cheese
Chopped Tomatoes

Saute onions in butter. Add flour to cook for a minute. Stir and do not let it burn. Slowly whisk in milk. You should have a good gravy coming together. After all milk is added and the gravy starts to thicken stir in green chiles and chipotle. Add seasonings including salt and pepper. If this stands and starts to thicken to much add water or chicken broth while whisking in.

Poach your eggs. Toast your muffins. Cook your bacon crisp.

To serve take your muffins and top with bacon and then poached eggs. Ladle green chile gravy over eggs and garnish with cheese, tomatoes and cilantro. These are man sized portions for those special men in your life.


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Green Chile Poached Eggs



Wednesday 4th of January 2012

Thank you so much! It it really nice when they come home. And it is a good idea for poached eggs!

Kitchen Riffs

Wednesday 4th of January 2012

Glad you had a wonderful time with your family!

I like the idea of adding a bit of chipotle sauce to the poaching water - really good idea. Yummy recipe - I'll eat anything spicy!