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Sweet and Hot Green Onion Mustard

recipe 3

The Original Recipe in my Mom’s handwriting

The holidays are here and that means mustard. It began years ago when a family friend delivered this mustard to our door every year with little Pepperidge Farm Toasts to slather it on. Yummy, yummy. Very yummy. So yummy, that I try to make it also during the holiday season. It is great served with dried sausages or on kosher salami. Super duper on sandwiches and well, I will tell you, just by itself on toast. My mouth is now watering. Now I know for many of you that mustard is not something you often think about. But once you make THIS mustard you will not forget it. It keeps in your fridge forever, but it will not last that long.

I buy the Colman’s brand dry mustard that comes in a 4 oz tin that is equivalent to about a cup of dry mustard. It is spicy and you can feel your nose burn just a bit when you smell it. I prefer to think of it as a magical tingle. I did go to the Colman’s website- and read that they use a special mix of white mustard and brown mustard seed. I think this is what makes it so potent. You can use other brands of dry mustard which I think probably cost a bit less. I did see it available online for less than the grocery charges. (Just a tip). If you make this it will be your easiest, most remembered gift and you will then have to make it for the rest of life. But you won’t mind. The hard part is you have to let it rest for 5 days on your countertop before you refrigerate it. This lets it ripen and mature so that it is ready when you just can’t take it any longer. So, if you can muster the strength, pass the mustard, Please!

And one last note that I picked up from the Colmans site-mustard increases your metabolism. So starting January 1 you can bet that a spoonful of mustard will be in my tummy daily! Well, if not before.

Ingredients 1

This is all you need!

Sweet and Hot Green Onion Mustard
(I changed the proportions a bit since Colman’s comes in a 4oz can and what would you do with leftover dried mustard; though I could think of a few things!)
1 1/4c flour sifted
1/2c plus 1 1/2T sugar
1T plus 3/4t salt
1 c dry mustard
1 1/2c plus 1 1/2T white vinegar
6 green onions minced

Mix flour, sugar, salt and mustard together. Add vinegar and mix until blended. Stir in green onions. Let ripen 5 days on countertop. Then refrigerate.

Mustard 1

This makes one quart. Now go buy some cute little jars while it is ripening so you have them ready for gifts!


Wednesday 14th of December 2011

That's funny because when I mix hot mustard to serve with Chinese eggrolls that is exactly how I do it. Water and mustard, nothing else. Glad I sparked your memory! Now we know where the writng came in but what about the photography?

Kitchen Riffs

Tuesday 13th of December 2011

Nice recipe. Brings back an interesting memory. Years and years ago I was an editor at a publishing house in New York. There was an executive dining room where I could eat when I had an author or other guest. A good deal - the food was absolutely the equivalent of a good New York restaurant, and the price to the company was much less. Anyway, I was having lunch with an author, and he wanted some mustard (I forget what he was eating). The waiter actually mixed the mustard - using Coleman's - fresh at table-side! It seems the longer you stir - or age - your mustard, the stronger it becomes, so the waiter stirred it until it was just the strength my author liked (about 30 seconds). Anyway, haven't thought of that in years!


Wednesday 7th of December 2011

I want to dip pretzels in some!!!


Wednesday 7th of December 2011

pass the salami! love this mustard!

technology capitalists

Tuesday 6th of December 2011

Do I really have to wait 5 days? I want some now!Love you.