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Matzo grilled cheese on white plate with basil and lemon

Matzo Grilled Cheese

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  • Author: Abbe Odenwalder
  • Prep Time: 30 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 Minutes
  • Total Time: 50 Minutes
  • Yield: 20 sandwiches 1x
  • Category: Sandwich
  • Cuisine: Jewish


A great matzo grilled cheese sandwich filled with fresh mozzarella and basil, then dipped in egg and fried in olive oil. I like this drizzled with an anchovy lemon sauce or in the morning strawberry jam works just fine!


Units Scale

10 whole matzos, egg or plain
About 1/2 lb of fresh mozzarella, sliced thin (I used more because I love cheese)
12 fresh basil leaves or more to taste
2 large eggs or maybe three
Olive oil-for frying

2 t finely minced garlic
1 T olive oil
34 anchovy fillets, finely chopped (I will not eat anchovies straight up. However, they are essential to this recipe and you will love them!)
Juice of 1 lemon
About 5 grinds of fresh black pepper

Lemon – to squeeze on top and for garnish


Each matzo needs to be divided into four equal pieces. I find the easiest way to do this is to fill a large shallow pan with well salted water. (It should taste salty.) Dip 2 of the matzo squares into the water. Swish them around a bit, but do not let them get too soft. Remove from water and stack. Using a long, sharp knife, cut them in half and then half again to achieve 8 quarters. Repeat as necessary.

Place a slice of cheese and a basil leaf on one half and top with the other. Make sure the cheese is covered by the matzo. Let dry slightly while you make the others.

Prepare the sauce. Cook the garlic in a small saute pan over low heat until it is just tinged with gold, about two minutes. The garlic should remain soft, don’t let it crisp or brown. Add the chopped anchovies, stirring and mashing until they have melted into the sauce. Whisk in the lemon juice and pepper to taste. Cook, and occasionally stir, for 2-3 minutes so the flavors can blend. Keep warm.

Empty the water from your shallow pan. Add the two eggs and beat well.

Heat 1/4″ of olive oil in a large, heavy skillet. Just before frying dip each sandwich into the egg, immersing both sides and then let the excess drip back into the pan. Repeat until all sandwiches are coated. Put as many sandwiches as your skillet can hold, into the pan without crowding. Fry until crisp and golden on each side. Avoid turning more than once. Fry in batches if necessary.

Spoon some of the sauce on top. Serve with extra lemon to squeeze on top. I admit that these were good even at room temperature. You could also put an extra anchovy inside if you love anchovies. I am going to make this sauce to spoon over fish. These were so good-and since I am a good Jewish mother, you must take my word on this!


Adapted from Jayne Cohen-Holiday Jewish Cooking

I also reheat these in my toaster oven and eat them with jam for breakfast.

See other serving suggestions in post!