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S’mores Bars with Nuts

S’mores Bars. Lacking a campfire, this one is pretty good. Sticking to the traditional components of Hershey bars, graham crackers and marshmallows-this s’mores bar with nuts will please anyone. And you can serve them year round! S’mores bars have three standards. Graham crackers, marshmallows and Hershey bars. It doesn’t require a campfire though. Made quickly, …

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Marshmallows and Matzoh S’mores

Marshmallows and Matzoh S’mores                             A smiling face is half the meal. (Latvian Proverb) Marshmallows and Matzoh S’mores The truth is I really don’t like marshmallows. My daughter loves marshmallows. She likes those Peep things that are in the really bright colors. So I make these for her. And this year I made them pastel pink. …

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