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Savory Bialy Hamentaschen with Onions

Need some everything bagel seasoning recipe ideas? This post has over 20 ways to use this delicious seasoning and these savory bialy hamentaschen are one! With Purim in full swing, I thought it might be nice to try a savory everything bagel hamentaschen and add it to my list of everything bagel seasoning recipe ideas. …

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Hamantashen or Hamantaschen?

Hamentashen or Hamentaschen? This three cornered Jewish cookie may be filled with a variety of fillings. Check out several great hamantashen recipes and the story behind the cookie! (Yiddish Dictionary at Bottom) Hamantashen or hamentaschen; it seems no one can even agree on the correct spelling. So, before we get started on these sweet three …

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