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Savory Bialy Hamentaschen with Onions

Need some everything bagel seasoning recipe ideas? This post has over 20 ways to use this delicious seasoning and these savory bialy hamentaschen are one! With Purim in full swing, I thought it might be nice to try a savory everything bagel hamentaschen and add it to my list of everything bagel seasoning recipe ideas. …

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Everything Seasoning with Scrambled Eggs

These scrambled eggs contain everything but the bagel!  Made with everything seasoning, smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes and capers, this is one breakfast everyone will wake up for! Everything seasoning scrambled eggs are amazingly good. If you love everything seasoning like I do, you will adore this recipe. The story is that Sunday came, my …

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Everything Bagel Bombs/Best Bagels!

  If you don’t want to hassle with the boiling and baking when making bagels, then these little bagel bombs are the best bagels I know of. Everything Bagel Bombs are way easier to make then bagels. They are topped with everything seasoning and filled with scallion cream cheese. Perfect to pop in your mouth, …

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