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The Blondies vs. Brownies Difference – What’s Better?

The Blondies vs. Brownies Dilemma? I don’t know about you but I find it hard to choose. In which case, this blondie brownie recipe makes my choice a lot easier! Blondies vs. Brownies? Do you know the main difference? Brownies use cocoa powder, or chocolate in the recipe. Blondies use dark brown sugar and vanilla …

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Best Butterscotch Brownies Recipe

You might call these blondies, but I think these are the best butterscotch brownies recipe I know of. Gooey and rich and loaded with caramel chips, these butterscotch bars were a big hit! As much as I love chocolate, I truly love this butterscotch brownies recipe. This brownies/blondie recipe is studded with salted caramel chips …

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