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Beer, Bacon, Cheese and Thyme Dressing Recipe

This untraditional, but totally worth it dressing recipe, sure isn’t Grandma’s, but it sure is good! This may not be Grandma’s dressing recipe, but it sure is good. Dressing Recipe: Bacon, thyme, onion and celery are a standard part of many dressing recipes, and they are in this one also. The biggest difference is that …

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Mayan Hot Chocolate #Cholaca #ChocolateOrangeStout (Breckenridge Brewery)

“This Mayan hot chocolate is fused with the flavor of cinnamon, orange and allspice. Add in some vanilla bean, chocolate stout and orange juice and you have a rich, dairy free drink, worthy of the Mayan gods!” In this busy world there often isn’t enough time to sit back and relax. A few Saturdays ago …

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