Secret Baking Tips

Essential Cookie Baking Tips or the Secrets to Great Cookies
  1. I always use an insulated baking sheet and I never have burned cookies.
  1. No Crowding please. Cookies like their space.
  1. If your recipe calls for a greased pan use parchment paper or a silpat pad. I do not yet have a silpat pad but it would be a great gift in case anyone wants to get me one.
  1. Make sure your oven keeps the right temperature. Buy a thermometer and check!
  1. I prefer to underbake rather than overbake.
  1. Use real butter. If it is cold you can soften it in the micro for 10 seconds as long as it is not in a foil wrapper. Room temperature is best.
  1. Make sure your cookies are the same size. They bake evenly that way.
  1. I prefer unbleached flour.
  1. Use large eggs.
10. Mix in things like chocolate chips with the flour that way you won’t have overmixed cookies or tough dough. No one likes tough dough!
11.Mix your dry ingredients together. that way things like salt and baking soda or powder are evenly distributed throughout your dough.
12.I don’t like using many dishes as I hate cleaning up. A big 4 cup measuring cup is great for dry ingredients.
13. Only bake one sheet at a time on the center rack. Yes, it’s a pain but you will be happier when they are done.
14. Never put dough onto warm cookie sheets. It will spread and you will have flat cookies.
15. Cool cookies on a wire rack.
16. If your dough is to soft, chill it.
17. And last but not least-don’t be afraid of baking. You get better with practice!