Honey and Cream Baked Bread

There aren’t too many things sweeter than honey-except perhaps your own honey! Whole Foods is promoting honey this summer and one can’t promote honey without promoting bees.  This honey and cream baked bread is sure to hit the spot. Thank the honeybee for about one third of your diet. Bees pollinate more than 100 different crops in the US today and bees are disappearing at the rate of about 30% annually. Pity the poor worker bee. Besides dealing with pesticides on a daily basis, and a lack of natural landscapes, parasites are also helping decimate the poor honeybee.


So…Let’s Share some Buzzzz…Whole Foods has a great site with great facts on what one can do to help the poor honey bee. One thing I intend to do is plant more flowers. That really isn’t a problem for me as I love flowers and have plenty of room to grow more. What I didn’t know is that bees tend to only travel within 3-5 miles of their home. And those bees are female bees. They are the worker bees. And we all know how hard these girls work! It takes over 150 trips to a flower or tree to produce just one teaspoon of honey.

Denver has several bee farmers in our area. Take a look at:
Highland Honey Bees – Artisanal hand-crafted honey made in Boulder County.
Madhava Honey – Born in Boulder, CO in the 1970s, Madhava makes natural sweeteners that offer healthier alternatives to highly processed sugars and artificial sweeteners.

Clarke’s Honey Farm – Located in Ft. Lupton, CO, Clark’s produces honey in various flavors including Wildflower, Clover and Orange Blossom.
Fall is usually the time I do honey recipes. It is traditional for the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashona) to make honey cakes. Honey symbolizes a sweet new year which is something we all wish for. Right? I’m not ready to make honey cake yet, but I did try this recipe that has been one I’ve wanted to do for awhile.
It is one that can be embellished or left as is. It is perfect to showcase whatever variety of honey you may want to try. Lavender or orange honey would be great for this bread, but I used the Whole Foods 365 variety. You could also add cinnamon or vanilla or even maple to your cream and have a great flavored bread. This honey and cream baked bread is a kid pleaser and I’m sure the same concept could even be applied to leftover bread.

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Honey and Cream Baked Bread (Serov Hatsi Kadaif)
Yield: Serves 6-8
Adapted from: 2002 Gourmet
Active Time – 15 minutes
1 9″  Firm Bread Round about 9″ diameter and about 3″ high
2 T unsalted soft butter
1/2 c honey
1 1/2 T fresh lemon juice
1 c creme fraiche
Preheat oven to 350. Cut crusts off of bread round. Butter all sides of bread. Place in a shallow baking pan and bake in middle of oven, turning over once, until lightly toasted, about 20 minutes.
Stir together honey and lemon juice. (See flavoring ideas above.) Poke holes close together in top of bread round. Spread honey mixture on top of bread, then spread evenly with creme fraiche. Let sit 10 minutes. Bake in middle of oven until golden, about 20 minutes. Feel free to baste the bread, if the honey and creme slide off. This should get crusty with sweet toasted goodness on the outside and be bready on the inside.(I used to make my kids toast with butter and honey. This reminds me of that, but not as messy!)
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    July 30, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    Beautiful. I promote bees too. In fact I have a feral hive in my yard in the middle of Hollywood. My neighbors don't like it, but I figure bees have a hard enough time in the city. No need for me to harass them too. GREG

  • Winnie
    July 30, 2014 at 8:14 pm

    Honey cakes are very popular here, espcially during Rosh-Hashana (one of our holidays)
    This cake is unique, and I'm planning to try it!

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    I absolutely love honey! It is so versatile and good for you. I definitely do my part with planting tons of flowers.

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    This is such an interesting recipe…a cake-like bread and it surely looks very moist and delicious.

  • Ansh
    July 29, 2014 at 4:00 am

    Honey is sacred in our culture. From Ayurvedic and health standpoint it is a great addition to diet instead of processed sugar. I mix honey in warm water and drink first thing in the morning. Helps keep allergies away.

    Hope you have been doing well. I am back from my vacation.. we should meet soon.

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    We sometimes walk past a house about a mile from us that has a couple of bee hives. I wonder if it's their bees we see in our yard? We have loads of flowers, so loads of bees. Lovely bread — I really like honey in baked goods. Thanks for this.

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